Ecology of Being

Music has often reflected upon social and political events of its time and our project aims to do that. Ecology of Being is about – through music and poetry – treasuring the earth, examining our complex relationship with it and truly valuing what we’ve taken for granted for so long.   It’s about thinking, feeling, experiencing both the trauma of a lost earth, but also about treasuring the joy of a world we love. 

Ecology of Being

Over the coming months with funding through the Canada Council’s New Chapters program, we will embark upon “Ecology of Being” – a project involving five newly commissioned works which will pay homage to the earth, speak to climate change and consider what we may be leaving the next generation.  Through this project it is our hope that we will inspire reflection about the state of our natural world and the part mankind has played in its rapid, alarming, and ominous changes. This project is also about playing tribute to the gloriousness of our earth, celebrating its power and reflecting on our reliance on nature not only for survival but for our resilience and healing.  The composers for Ecology of Being are Dawn Avery, Carmen Braden, Ian Cusson, Melissa Hui and Bekah Simms; eco poems by Shannon Webb-Campbell are a part of Melissa’s work. (Thanks goes to Shannon for allowing us to use “Ecology of Being” (the title of one of her poems) as the name for the project as a whole.)

Summer 2020 performances of Ecology of Being will take place at:

  • Toronto Summer Music on July 29
  • Stratford Summer Music on August 1
  • Ottawa on August 3
  • Tuckamore Festival, Cape Broyle NL outreach concert on August 9
  • Tuckamore Festival, St John’s on August 10 including special livestream of performance and pre-concert talk
  • Musique Royale, Lunenburg NS on August 26

We invite you to click on the Ecology of Being tab for photos, videos, thoughts about the project as we learn the works, interview the composers, and contemplate our relationship to our nature world.  You can also follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at  Please use #EOB to share your own thoughts and photos as well as a chance to be featured.