Duo Concertante on CBC’s The Sunday Edition

We were incredibly pleased to be featured a couple few ago on the CBC’s The
Sunday Edition with the outstanding and legendary broadcaster Michael
Enright. What an honour to be on a show which we have admired and enjoyed
for so many years!

After a very long day of recording Bach at the Glenn Gould Studio we went up
to the third floor of the CBC Toronto building and sat down for a 30 minute
chat with Michael Enright. We talked about the beginnings of Duo
Concertante, the challenges and rewards of playing Beethoven, Bach,
Canadian new music, the Tuckamore Festival, and of being life partners
and parents. If you’d like to hear the broadcast it is here in podcast form. Our feature is in the 3rd hour, so about 1:45 in, though we highly recommend listening to the whole show!