New Recording of Complete Schubert

We’re super thrilled to announce the release of the complete works for violin and piano by Schubert! His magical, mysterious, deeply poignant and intimate music is near and dear to our hearts and has been part of our repertoire for many years.  Never-the-less, it took some time and courage, as Tim explains in the video, to put it down on record.  While our plans to share Schubert in live performances this spring and summer are shelved for now, we hope you might join us for a FB live event from our music room at home on May 22 at 7 EST (8:30 NL).  


Ecology of Being

Duo Concertante’s ECOLOGY of BEING is an ambitious and timely commissioning program where music and critical issues intersect. Designed to inspire reflection about our connection and interconnections to this planet, Ecology of Being considers what we are leaving the next generation and our complicity in the world’s rapid, alarming, and ominous changes.  It also pays tribute to the gloriousness of our earth and the power of nature, recognizing our dependence on it for survival, resilience, and healing.

Each new musical work examines environmental issues in personal and special way. Dawn Ierihò:kwats Avery’s Onekha’shòn:a, Ya’kòn:kwe (The Waters, The Women) speaks to the Native American understanding of the deep symbiotic and spiritual connection of women and water, both of which are life-givers. Carmen Braden’s The Seed Knows, depicts the promise, mystery and simplicity of a seed; as Carmen puts it: “one of the most confident and clear and astounding parts of our ecosystem.”  Ian Cusson’s The Garden of Earthly Delights draws inspiration from the three panels of Hieronymus Bosch’s famous painting of the same name in a dramatic and evocative programmatic work.  The Australian wild fires were raging when Bekah Simms’ wrote Shedding as if Sloughed for violin, piano and electronics; it conjures sensations of burning as well as the cycle of fire and regrowth. Finally, Melissa Hui’s Ecology of Being, the longest work in the series, uses the eco poetry of Shannon Webb-Campbell to address our interconnections with nature and our responsibilities as custodians of the planet.

Summer 2020 performances of Ecology of Being:

  • Toronto Summer Music on July 29. POSTPONED UNTIL 2021
  • Stratford Summer Music on August 1. POSTPONED UNTIL 2021
  • Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival on August 3. POSTPOPNED UNTIL 2021
  • Tuckamore Festival Online on August 10, 12 and 14
  • Musique Royale, Lunenburg NS on August 26